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Weekly Meal Prep


The luxury of having fresh, flavorful meals in your fridge. Think: a private chef during the week. New, customized menu choices every single week.

Container Sizes:

3-cup Pyrex dishes used for single serving portions

11-cup Pyrex dishes used for large format (~4 portions)

16oz and 32oz  round plastic for bowls, soups, snacks, etc. 

Suggested Order Size:

*Please note these are average prices and will fluctuate based on ingredients and labor hours. Party of 1 is the minimum order amount.

Party of 1: ~$200/week       

4 single-portion meals    

1 large format meal               

Party of 2: ~$250/week

4-8 single-portion meals

1-2 large format meals

A Family Affair: $300+/week

8+ single-portion meals

2+ large format meals 

*PLEASE NOTE: weekly meal prep is currently on a waitlist
We love The Prepped Palate in our household! Every week we get to try new recipes that are bursting with flavor, saving us trips to the grocery store and time spent figuring out what to eat. From the thoughtful toppings to the homemade dressings, The Prepped Palate has us  in the clean plate club after every meal! 

- Samantha & John Tyler

We are in a busy season of life. Having Jenn’s help with one chore has been life changing. And for it to also be SO delicious and nutritious is such an uplifting treat. Food can be one of the last things we prioritize, but also so important, so to have a filling and nutritious meal to grab on the go helps keep me healthy and energized for everyone that needs me. And my husband has lunches on hand for when things get too busy at the hospital for a break. Jenn makes it easy, convenient and personalized and I consider myself lucky to have found her! 

- Lindsay

We have always enjoyed cooking together as a family. But our lives started getting so busy we found ourselves making quick and often unhealthy decisions. Jenn’s meals have given us a plan for those evenings and  lunches that are both healthy and bursting with deliciousness. My husband loves it but also our young girls do, too!

- Andrea

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